Relay Team Information

The Bellin Women’s Half Marathon offers a two-person relay option for completing the event. The first partner will run the first half of the course before handing off a wrist band “baton” to the second partner, who will complete the remaining distance. Relay partners are allowed, but not required, to cross the finish line together.

For detailed instructions on registering for and managing a relay team:

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Distances and Exchange Location

The relay exchange is located in downtown De Pere, mile marker 6.5 on the course. This means each team member will run approximately half of the distance. More details will be provided as the event date approaches.

Getting Around

Relay team members will gather together at the start area at the KI Convention Center. Runner #1 will start there with the rest of the field at 8 a.m.

CHANGE FOR 2020 DUE TO COVID-19 CONCERNS: We will not be providing shuttle buses to transport relay runners due to inability to social distance on the buses.  The #2 runner can drive to the relay exchange, located on 5th Street in De Pere, parking in the Chase Bank lot on Main St.  The #2 relay runner should get to the relay exchange before 9 am in order to allow for entrance into the Chase Bank lot. Make sure to give your #1 runner the keys to your car so they can travel to the relay reunite!!  The #2 runner can also be dropped off at this location, but the #1 Runner will need transportation back to Fox Harbor Pub & Grill at 348 S. Washington in downtown Green bay.   See "Crossing the Finish Line Together" (below) for more information on the Reunite Area.

Recording Your Result

Each relay team will wear a bib with a timing chip on it. This timing chip will record your individual mat crossings and your combined time. In addition, the relay teams will have a wrist worn hand-off band which will serve as the “baton” between Runner #1 and Runner #2.

Crossing The Finish Line Together

Relay team members are able, but not required, to cross the finish line together. The Reunite Area is just one quarter mile south of the finish line and will offer a warm space, indoor bathrooms, beverages, and race personnel to announce the approach of relay teammates by bib number. Both ladies can then run the final stretch to the finish line together!


Awards be given to the top 3 teams in the following divisions –