Parking, Shuttles & Gear Check


The start and finish for this event are in downtown Green Bay, allowing participants and spectators to park and walk to and from the Main Street Parking Ramp (300 Main Street) and Pine Street Parking Ramp (355 N. Madison Street), as well as the Wisconsin Public Service parking lots north of the KI Convention Center.

Relay Exchange Shuttles

Both participants in the relay division should park in the downtown Green Bay ramps or nearby lots. The second runner on the team (Runner #2) will be shuttled from the start line to the relay exchange at mile 6.5 along the course. Another set of shuttles will depart from the relay exchange every 10 minutes to take Runner #1 to the Runner Reunite Area at Fox Harbor Pub & Grill, one-quarter mile south of the finish line, allowing her to cross with her partner.

Gear Check

Each Half Marathon and Relay participant will receive a high-quality collectible drawstring gear check bag when she picks up her packet. Race packets will contain a zip tie and tear-proof tag with the participant’s bib number printed on it. This will be secured to the participant’s bag for easy identification.

Race-morning gear check will be located in the KI Convention Center, Ballroom A. Participants can hand over their cinched bag to our volunteers in this area. After the event, bags will be available for pick-up just past the finish line. For security reasons, you must have your bib with you in order to pick up your bag at the finish line.

Typical items participants check include sweatshirts, dry T-shirts, special food or fluids, dry socks and changes of shoes. Organizers are not responsible for the safekeeping and potential damage of valuable items such as jewelry, cash, cellphones and MP3 players. These items should not be checked.

Please note: There is no gear check for the 5K event.